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Pool of expertise and numbers

Internal expertise linking to 1st class partners for optimal operations

somnOO's growth and its teams' expertise proceed hand in hand. The internal expertise mainly works on operations, good financial management and renovations ; somnOO associates with partners for all its other functions.

somnOO's expertise and our partner's expertise


Technological solutions (IT)

Global 24/7 highly secured data access
Process digitization..
Wide range of communication tools.

Choice of the hotel and restaurant brands

Strong relationship with all major hotel franchise brands.
Strong experience of brand performance.

Financial management

Digitized accounting process with 1st class partner.
Performance reviews.
1st class partners for legal and fiscal recurrent and litigation management.

Hotel's distribution and Revenue management

Proprietor RM tool with multiple PMS access.
In-house experienced RM team.
Strong relation between Operations & RM fosters collaboration and diffusion of best practices.

Renovations / Maintenance / Property

In-house cost benchmark and optimization.
Strong experience of in-time and in-budget execution (focus on zero business disruption).
1st class execution partners.

Human Resources

Culture of Trust – Freedom – Responsibility – Performance.
Talent attraction via co-investment, co-working and flexibility.
Compliance & productivity via App-based HR- and payroll administration.

Hotel operations / Restaurants

Highly skilled & experienced team of hotel and restaurant professionals.
Strong performance incentive.
Menu engineering, F&B delivery partnerships, in-house brand.
somnOO - Proud of our
Hotels & Restaurants